The Bucket List

Every time one of my best friends and I see a photo of an exotic location
we text each other, “I need to go ____” or “I need to do ___”

 I hate the idea of “someday”. It’s good to have dreams and goals but
I can’t be one to put life off for a ‘someday’ that may or may not happen.
I try  to make decisions and make things happen.

I love the idea of a bucket list- a constant growing list of things you want to accomplish in your life.
I think it’s great! If you’re anything like me, I hate having a long “To Do” list and feel anxious until I get things crossed off that list.

 So, here we are; attempting to discover, play and grow through my own Bucket List.

-Fishing in Alaska

– Scream into the Grand Canyon

– See the Northern Lights in Iceland

– Surfing in the Pacific

Visit Niagara Falls

– Visit Each Continent

– Walk the Great Wall of China

– Celebrate the Chinese New Year

– Audition for a Broadway Show

– Visit All 50 States- Photo with each state sign

– Run a Tough Mudder

– Attend a Summer or Winter Olympics

– See a concert at Red Rocks

-See the Fireworks at Disney 

– Pray with the Pope

– Attend a Super Bowl Game

– Take a Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

– Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef

– Sky Diving

– Write A Book

– Explore Glacier National Park

– Release prayers and worries on balloons

– Visit the Vatican

– Ride an Elephant in Thailand

– Visit the Taj Mahal

– Arches National Park

– Stonehedge

– Visit Yosemite Falls

– Learn the local dance of Argentina

– Salvation Mountain

– New Years in Times Square

– Kiss the Blarney Stone

– Go on an African Safari

– Hike the Amazon Rainforest

– Hike Mount Rainier

-Try a boxing class

-Camp out at Second Beach

-Skiing in Tahoe

-Volunteer at a Dog Shelter

-Spend time in Couer d’Alene

-Get some beads at Mardi Gras

-Learn to play Guitar

-Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

-Zip-lining through the jungles of Costa Rica

-Study the Bible

-Learn a new language

-Run a 5k

-Take a cooking class

-Donate Blood

-Big 4 Ice Caves 

-Plant a Tree

-Whale Watching in San Diego 

-Visit Vancouver 

-Research Family Tree

-Ice Skating in New York City

-Visit Big Sur

-Olympic National Park

-Climb the Hollywood Sign

-Find the perfect wine in Napa Valley

-Cruise around on a tandem bike

-Audition for Disney

-Kaniksu National Park

-Throw an elaborate costume party

-Joshua Tree

-Mt. St. Helens

-Lewis Lower River Falls

-Mammoth Mountain

-Write a letter to someone who has inspired me

-Three Sister’s Waterfall 

-Audition for Cirque du Solei 

-Learn to drive a stick

-Take a silks class

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