Adventure 3; Beating Those Winter Blues

If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of being cooped up inside. (Thanks a lot, Polar Vortex) My body and mind were screaming for a way to get out- an adventure of any kind that had me feeling like I was in the beautiful outdoors.

To fuel this desire, my roommates and I decided to spend Friday night rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors near ‘Eat Street’ in Minneapolis- adventure #3 on my year of adventure.

The cheap, user friendly facility is located real close to our house and right on a bus route; making it easily accessible to those around the metro. Parking is also free and easy to find! 

We were all beginners and have never rocked climbed indoors before. The workers were extremely helpful and offer a short “orientation” that shows you the ropes before you get started. After the 20 minute or so introduction we were on our own; off to discover the various courses and walls.

I couldn’t believe how tired my arms were so quickly! I wouldn’t say I am in ‘bad’ shape- I teach dance and live an active life style but after a few runs I could definitely start to feel those muscles burning. I loved it! We went for about two hours, racing to the top and back down again as many times as our bodies could handle it.

It was a fantastic momentary getaway for the adventurer inside screaming to get out. If you’re looking for something to do this winter I would definitely suggest heading to your local rock climbing facility and heating up with a new work out!


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