No Planes 2014.

Paging my inner Penny Lane; I am so beyond excited! In three weeks I will be hitting the road to tag along on the Almost Famous ’73 tour! Just kidding- kinda..

Instead of Stillwater, I’ll be following the indie folk-rock band, The Head and The Heart. This band won my heart over back in 2010 and have been on my radar ever since. Their sophomore album “Let’s Be Still” further discovers their unique sound and allows fans to explore a beautiful combination of violin, piano, drums and random percussion instruments. With three “lead” singers the vocals are a charming mix of highs and lows, males and females. They are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t!

Joe and I will be starting our adventure in Quebec City, cruising through Ontario, heading down into Michigan then over to Wisconsin before heading home. My short, 6 show run will take the course over a week during my spring break.

I’ll be keeping notes as we go! Come along for the journey 🙂

Until then- unplug those headphones, kick off those shoes and dance around to their newest album, Let’s Be Still.

Oh, happy day! 🙂

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