Fresh Off the Highway.

What a crazy, busy, beautiful week it has been! My first week in Seattle is almost complete and I couldn’t be happier. I meant to be better about posting more, but life it seems has gotten in the way. Not quite into the ‘settling’ in routine, too much life to accomplish before I do that! I’ll be settled in a normal sense in a few months. So friends, don’t worry about giving me time to ‘settle’ I don’t believe in it anyway. It’s just life, man.

Anyway, here’s a recap of my first week as a Seattle resident;

Sunday: Sunday was a day filled with writing and errands. It has been unseasonably warm out here- up in the 80s. The city is quite beautiful, with the bright blue skies and often times, not a cloud in the sky. For dinner we headed into Ballard and decided to check out one of the new restaurants; Patxi’s. Which, by the way, if you are looking for some amazing deep dish pizza is the place to go! They are brand new in Ballard and finger lickin’ delicious. We mingled with the owner and his wife for a few hours after dinner. Some of the sweetest people; they definitely won my pizza heart.

Monday: I went down for an interview and am going to be teaching next week at one of Seattle’s fastest growing studios. This makes me super excited. i can’t wait to see what the dance scene is like out here. It’s been strange to not be working and I miss my kids dearly. However, that’s part of this move; changing up my kids and hopefully continuing to make a positive impact on young minds. I hope I am able to find a set of students to connect with and that are ready to become a new little set of ‘fierclings’. photo 5 (3)

After dinner, C and I headed to the Ballard Locks to take a look around. Which was interesting was watching the boats come through the Sound and pass on to sea. Apparently, they built this lock or damn thing to keep the salt and fresh water separate. They didn’t want to be able to have species and the water mingling. When a boat comes through they come in this large, essentially cage, and wait for the water to transfer and either fill or drain, depending. When just hearing about it, I assumed it would be quite a long process for the ships/boats but we watched two or three go through and it surprisingly was quick. They also had a viewing room for the Salmon, which is called the Fish Ladder. It was pretty funny to watch and see. I had no idea Salmon were so large! Not how they draw them in the cartoons.. ; )

Tuesday: Tuesday was another exciting, big day for me! I had a networking lunch with a dancer who has been in the Seattle area for some time. We met at an adorable cafe, close to my house. It was wonderful to meet with her, hear her thoughts, listen to suggestions and to talk jobs. Even though I’m the new girl in the city *knock on wood* it feels like this is a good fit, so far. I’ve met some wonderful people so far and feel like I’ll figure out how to survive on my own again.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI attempted to go to our old favorite hiking spot later in the afternoon but ended up finding myself lost, in the woods, alone. Win! Sure, it sounds rather scary but there’s something oddly calming about finding yourself lost, in reality and in your mind. It’s a good place to think and plan the next steps of your life. Which, by the way, I’m not sure which direction I’m going.

Also on Tuesday’s is Nike Run Club. Basically, Nike employees and members of the community come out for a little Tuesday evening couple mile run. The idea seemed to be to get the community involved and to of course, get some running in. Since C works for Nike and does it every week, she invited me to come along this week. Woof. I had almost forgotten how much I am NOT a long distance runner. It ended up only being a 3.5 mile run but, my body was definitely not having it. Thank goodness for the lovely support from my bestie because otherwise I would have started to walk before the thing even started, ha! We took off from Niketown and headed down, around and through the city. Our little group of four broke off and we ran underneath the Space Needle for a bit. That part was fun, cutting through a Zumba class which is more my kind of work out. We cooled off with a run through the fountain and hooked up with the Pier. Now that, that is a sight to see. If I have to run, I wouldn’t mind it to be to the backdrop of the Seattle Great Wheel and Mt. Rainer. She’s a beaut and I could watch her all day. I love the way the sun glistened over her snow cap top and set off an ever so slightly gorgeous reflection.

photo 2 (5)Wednesday: C had a day off today so we decided to take advantage of it. Her nephews (and brother, i guess) live in a suburb of Seattle and so we decided to head down and hang out with them for a day. It was fun to get some baby interaction. Even though they aren’t ‘my’ nephews, I figured they can be ‘stand-in’s’ while I am away from my beloved nephews and nieces for awhile. If you don’t know me, you might not know my love for children and how much I love to be around their free spirits and open minds. They just remind you to be humble. Anyway, afterward we headed to Tacoma to spend the evening. We found an adorable diner and had lunch on the Puget Sound. It was gorgeous. I’m actually not sure that I’ve seen a view that I don’t like yet. I hope that no matter how long I live here, I never take for granted the gorgeous views that are so easily accessible. The same can go for any place you’re in. I think it’s so easy for people to get caught up in life and forget to sit back, and enjoy the little moments and the life that’s blossoming all around them.

Later on in the evening, we made our way to a random Tacoma house that was hosting a backyard concert. Unless I missed something totally rad in Minneapolis, this was a completely new concept to me. Hosted by Post Defiance, an online Tacoma based magazine, the event featured three musical acts. It was pretty cool the way they set this up. Just someone’s backyard, public event, you pay $10 at the door and sit in some patio chairs and enjoy some music. I’m smitten. I definitely wouldn’t mind making these a monthly activity. Anyway, one of the musical guests on this beautiful Wednesday evening was Josiah Johnson, one of the lead singers from my second favorite band, The Head and The Heart. Boom. It was quite fantastic. I love a Jos solo show and when he can just sing with the rawness of his own guitar and voice; just beautiful. The act after him was a band who called themselves, “Spirits of the Red City.” They were, interesting. I liked their sound- folk indefinitely in my eyes but hey, i’m not gonna try to label them. Look them up anyway, they have a twangy sound that I think would speak to a few hearts. Plus, the lead singer is living in Minneapolis so that’s gotta be a good sign! Whoop.

Enjoy those spaces between your moments, xo.

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