Adventure 1; Welcome to Seattle.

Adventure 1: Seattle, Washington Dec 29, 2013 – Jan 2, 2014

Each New Year in an attempt to start off on the right foot, I try to bring in the year in a new city. Given my new goals for 2014 it would seem fitting to start the year- on an adventure. Adventure #1 is my trip to Seattle, Washington. If you aren’t familiar with my obsession with Seattle see this post.

My time in Seattle was short- only a four day escape but I was determined to make the most out of my four day stay. Cerrissa picked me up from the airport and immediately I could not wipe the smile from my face. Everything felt right about this place. It was a cool morning, 40 degrees but to me it was perfect.

Cerrissa sure had done her homework; she was listing off all the places we were going to check out. With Mt. Rainier ahead of me as we drove I couldn’t help but think to myself how naturally beautiful and stunning this place was. As if we could read each other’s minds we flipped on The Head and the Heart and listened, gossiped and caught up on life since our last time together in October. photo 3 (20)

First on our adventure list- Pike’s Place, The Sound and Ballard. Of course, every time I am in Seattle I need to walk Pike’s. I don’t care how touristy it is- I love the fresh flowers, the fish, the gum wall, the great wheel; everything. I love the bustle of the people passing by. The Great Wheel was lit up in orange and yellow hues showering me with a beautiful welcoming light. It felt like I was seeing an old friend again.  After wandering around until dusk, we decided to check out another section of the city.

We traveled to the part of the city called, Ballard. The artsy, hipster, string belt feel was all around us. I loved it. It was exactly the area I find myself most at home. We found ourselves walking the streets looking for a cute bar, pub or restaurant to eat in. Ending up in a quaint pizza place we devoured a jalapeño and pepperoni pizza (my favorite).  The area wasn’t as busy as other sections, which made it easy to talk and feel right at home.

The Great Wheel

After our delicious pizza we stopped by Percy’s and Co. It was there that my mind was blown. Mixed amongst the usual mustache, beards and string belts was perhaps the most beautiful man I have laid eyes on. I completely forgot to how talk I was so taken aback. Cerrissa and I sat at the bar and ordered a round of drinks, trying to keep a cool conversation but mostly fumbling down a hill.

We finally realized we were much too awkward for this evening to continue so we bid our farewells and headed back to her house. Laughing the entire way back, we let the city lights, the faint glow of the stars and the calming sounds of THATH lead us home. I was once again reminded how much comfort this city brings me. My generally anxious soul is soothed and calm as I watch out my window of the serene beauty passing me by.

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