Sunshine On My Shoulders

Sunshine on my shoulder’s make’s me happy. 🙂

I love when the Golden Coast shows off her natural beauty. Our first full weekend in Santa Barbara and we were doing what we loved most- bike rides and the beach. We were quite convinced that we were ready to give up our beloved beach cruisers just yet. Our old home in San Diego was a mere 1.75 miles from the beach and our new home sits almost 4 hilly miles away still, we were convinced our bright bikes could make the journey.

We were quickly proven wrong. The rolling hills that cut through the city of Santa Barbara make gliding on our beach cruisers a bit more challenging than we had hoped it would be. All downhill roads lead to the ocean but the ride home, it a demanding uphill coast. Yikes.

Still, I don’t think we are set to retire them yet. For now, we will have to settle for parking at the beach until we can figure out a better route via bicycle.

The endless summer does not disappoint and as Katy Perry once sang, “nothing comes close to the Golden Coast.” Agreed, Katy.

Happy Days!

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