a few of my favorite things;

Have I mentioned that I love Sundays?
How about bike rides on the beach?
What about the fact that it’s seventy degrees and sunny in December?
Or, breakfast burritos?
And of course, David!

I have? Well, that’s because those are just a few of my favorite things. Roll those five things into one delightful day and you’ve found yourself a happy girl.

After a morning of football (Go Bills? SKOL Vikings!) I’m anxious and antsy to go exploring and bug Dave like I’m a child or a bored puppy waiting to be played with. I absolutely love this beautiful December in San Diego weather and don’t want to waste a single moment of the sunshine. T-Shirts and shorts suit me just fine as we prance around the sun-kissed beaches, taking in the rays of sun, and enjoying another day in the endless summer.

There wasn’t anything super spectacular to write home about on this day- but to me, it was so sweet, special and another perfect day in my piece of paradise.

That’s all : )




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