A Well Traveled Bag.

I’ve been using the same small suitcase for almost two years now. It’s a small tattered black rolling bag- perfect for the essential ‘no checking a bag’ rule. For many travels both near and far it has served me well and I haven’t much thought about its rugged looks.

My beloved bag looks as though it has been through hell and back. The top handle is ripped almost completely off- hanging by just a few strands of thread. There are holes along the fabric and the seams are tattered and worn. It doesn’t always roll and because of the ripped handle, isn’t the easiest to a quick grab. The front zippers aren’t good for much and the metal lining poking through could probably be seen to some as a hazard. Yes, I’m sure to most it would seem as though it’s time for a new bag.

Trip after trip as I drag my small companion along, while friends and acquaintances laugh at my luggage. I get the same looks and comments time and time again but I’ve always proudly stood by my bag.

I almost never check a bag in an effort to save money and time. However, during a recent trip to Seattle the combination of a full plane and my notorious fly by the seat of my pants, ‘right on time’ boarding habit caused me to have to check my bag instead of carrying her on the plane with me.

The attendant who was taking my bag printed up my ticket as I handed over the awkward bag with no handles- “Sorry, she’s a little bit beaten up”

To my pleasant surprise, he just looked at me and smiled, “Well, that’s just a sign of a well traveled bag. Enjoy your flight!

A smile spread across my face. I loved that. A well traveled bag. How perfect does that sound?

I boarded with the thoughts of all my adventures dancing through my mind. I decided that I didn’t care what others thought of my rugged mess. She has been through a lot with me and you know what? I’m keeping her for as long as I can.

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