The Winding Road.

I’m taking a quick side step from blogging about my recent travels of Canada to write a mash up of words that just need to get out of my brain.

“You have to love yourself before someone else can love you” or some form of this phrase has bled from the mouths of single people’s parents, friends and acquaintances everywhere for years and years.

Well, pardon me but- Shut. Up. Could you not ever use that phrase around me again? I LOVE MYSELF. And I don’t think that’s the issue at hand. Loving myself anymore could lead to some seriously narcissism. Just kidding. But, seriously. I hate when people tell me I need to love myself more before another human can love me. No, that my friends, that is not the reason you are single. Perhaps the reason is simply because the path or timing in our lives and our significant others lives haven’t matched or crossed. Nothing more, nothing less. It has nothing to do with loving myself anymore.

The best advice I ever received was to not listen to the advice of others and instead, listen to your own soul, heart and intuition. It’s fine to hear out what others say but ultimately your life is yours. No one else can feel what you are feelings or even understand what you are feeling.

Each story, each situation, each moment is completely unique and has it’s own journey. So, to listen and follow in the footsteps of someone who has come before is silly. The path is yours to create not yours to follow. Listen with good intention but know that only you have the correct answer to the burning questions in your soul.freebirds

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