Colors Bold & Bright.

There are some people, who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.

This weekend at the Gorge the difference between reality and fantasy seemed to be the reoccurring theme. The magic that the gorge sheds on those who are lucky to get a glimpse of the stunning scenery while listening to their favorite bands jam is something that has inspired many for years and years.

Each time I’ve returned from the Gorge, I am inspired and my soul feels refreshed. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m shut out from the realities of home or it’s the effect of the breath-taking views Mother Nature provides. Maybe, it’s seeing my favorite band up close and personal for three days straight; the personal interaction and connection only deepening my love for them. Perhaps, it’s even the simple fact that each summer, my friends from all around North America gather together to celebrate life, love and everything good in the world and do so by attending concerts. Whatever the reason for the inspiration, I’m not complaining.

Is it a fantasy to believe in something that you know to be true, just because someone else reads it differently? I am beginning to believe that the idea of a reality is a vague term, open for interpretation. After all, each human remembers events, details, and dates differently-depending on their vantage point. Who says that reality has to be a black and white term? And if it does, I’m perfectly fine with my reality being your fantasy.

If we are able to have friends all over the country, who genuinely like each other’s company and have the same love for something, and we are then able to come together for a weekend, how cool is that? Who says that is fantasy? It’s very real, and it’s very awesome.

Celebrate with colors bold and bright because life is about doing exactly what makes you happy; even if it’s not something others can understand. I will happily live a life where my dream world becomes my reality.


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