words in my head.

I want to dig my heels into the ground and fight to stop time, if only for a moment. Each passing day is a reminder of a life that I crave and desire; yet somehow find it slightly out of reach.

I’m in love with this vision of a life of adventure. Of a time filled with laughter and smiles, dancing and blushing cheeks. Music that fills my world with joy and emotion.

I hate the feeling of being stuck or trapped. If something if trapping you down, does it really make you happy? I battle with these thoughts in my mind as I grow older and slowly realize my dreams are tearing me in opposite directions.

Life is meant to be lived, not saved.

They say that sometimes on the way to one dream, you get lost and find a new dream. Well, what if you still desire the old dream, too? How can you combine your short time on earth and your dreams to ensure everything you want comes true? Is it even possible?

I’ve been focusing on whether or not each life has a purpose. What is my purpose in life? At times I worry I’m spending too much time searching for the purpose when perhaps it’s right in front of my face. Other times, I worry that it’s not so clear and I’m chasing a dream that can’t happen. Do we have a destiny?

When you die, what is it that you will be remembered for? Is there a legacy that you will leave? Will you be a person worth remembering at all?

What I’ve learned so far in life is that it’s important to find happiness. Happiness is what keeps up going. Chase those moments that make you feel alive. Those people whose smile lights up your darkened days. Strive to keep alive that passion that sparks excitement in your world. That keeps you hungry for more as you coast along the highway of life. Don’t waste your time being mediocre at a bunch of things, that you only semi like. Find what sets your world on fire and feed the fuel.

But, what happens when what sets your world on fire and your dreams mix together to create a mess of noise that you can’t decipher? How do I remember to stay on the path less traveled in order to fulfill the extraordinary life I have the burning desire to live?

I don’t want an ordinary life.

I need an adventure.


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