San Diego: A Story of Sunrises

One of my goals for the New Year was to wake up early and greet each day with a fresh and open mind. The best way for me to do this was to wake before the sun and watch her beautiful rays wave hello to the moon. Dave and I had been spending our final two months in San Diego walking the Ocean and Bay each morning- taking in every last bit of the bold colors that lit up our mornings.

I had completely forgotten about the natural brilliance of each of these sunrises until I was recently looking back through old photos. Photos of course, will never do any justice to the wonders of the sky. I adore how each sunrise and sunset is different and show’s off a different color pattern than the day or night before.

Here are a few of my favorite mornings.

San Diego, I love you and your colorful sky, forever.

Feb Sunrise over Mission Bay, San DiegoMission Bay Winter SunriseMission Bay Sunrise Feb2.23.16 Mission Bay Sunrise, San Diego2.23.16 Sunrise over Mission Bay, San Diego2.25.16 Sunrise in San Diego2.14.16 Pacific Beach PB Sunset San Diego, California2.10.16 Pacific Beach San Diego Sunrise2.17.16 Sunrise Pacific Beach, San Diego2.10.16 PB Pier at Sunrise San Diego, Pacific Beach2.16.16 Sunrise Pacific Ocean, Pacific Beach, San Diego2.14.16 Valentines Sunset on Pacific Beach San Diego2.18.16 Calm Before the Storm San Diego Pacific Beach2.11.16 Pacific Beach, San Diego Sunrise on the Pier

Pacific Beach Rollarcoaster - David Simmington Photograph

Photo Credit: David Simmington

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