my favorite love story.

Three years ago 12-13-12; my life changed in the absolute best way possible. I was at Minneapolis International Airport- posted <—- this photo,    IMG_0228boarded a plane and headed to Charlottesville, Virginia. I was completely unaware of what my weekend held but I knew fully well it was going to be an adventure. I had already upset my family by skipping Christmas to go see Dave Matthews Band with a bunch of “strangers” they didn’t understand was actually my second family. I didn’t really care. I was twenty-two, just graduated from college, living my first year as an adult- and ready to make decisions on my own. Little did I realize, as soon as I boarded that plane, I was on my way to meeting someone who would hold the most special place in my heart.

When we arrived in Charlottesville, I met up with my friends and we headed to Millers. Millers is considered the birthplace of Dave Matthews Band so it seemed only fitting that fans would go there the weekend the band was in town. Entering the bar, my friends and I ordered drinks and made our way to the top floor. It was there that our eyes met for the first time. He was with his crew and me with mine. Our introductions were short lived but the gentleman with the girls I knew caught my attention for a minute. I had never seen this guy before- curious but not too curious. I mostly was ready to just dance and sing with my friends.

FullSizeRenderThe next morning, we were line waiting when I accidentally uncovered the head of the mysterious handsome man from the bar the night before. Apologizing, I remember being completely caught off guard by how adorably handsome and sweet this guy was. From the get go- I was interested. I wanted to know more about him. He was so charming and sweet; I spent the remainder of the weekend trying to talk to him as much as possible, even figuring out a way to nonchalantly give him my number.

With two nights of shows, I could feel the pit in my stomach growing as night two began and I realized I may not see this wonderful new friend again. Each song played edged me closer and closer to a goodbye I really was not wanting to make. Thankfully, after the show our friend groups made plans to go to Blenheim Winery for a tasting before everyone parted ways. I remember thinking how excited I was to get some more time with him.

As we were enjoying our wine with our wonderful group of friends- we were surprised by a visit from Dave Matthews himself. I loved the adventures I was making with new friends but deep down I knew, the greatest adventure was yet to be had. As the excitement of our time with Dave Matthews started to wind down, I realized I needed to leave or I would miss my plane. It was time, sadly, to bid farewell to this new friend I had made and so desperately wanted to stay connected with. We shared the longest hug, I’m certain, that two newly friends could ever share. Both of us commenting later- how we wondered if anyone else noticed how long it was. Tears starting to fill up we bid our farewells and went back to our different parts of the country: he on the East and me in the Midwest.

Both determined to keep in touch we carried on with our lives while keeping the other in our minds and hearts. At times I remember being angry that this sweet, kind and genuine person came into my life but feeling like there was absolutely no way we could ever make it work. Until one day, it just worked. Just like that, things worked out just as they were meant to. I can’t be certain, but I’m quite convinced that everything happens for a reason. I believe in our destiny and that our story was meant to unravel at a slow and amazing pace that made sense to only us.

I love love stories and this is my favorite one.



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