rivers & roads.

Within my soul I could feel this being stirring- grasping to the light and carefree world of summertime. The cool breeze of the evening air, the sound of live music filling up around the empty space, the sun setting perfectly over some exotic location, and the feeling of knowing home was on the road. On a whim, I booked a ticket and found myself in Toronto on Halloween day.  Kenny

The reason for my impromptu escape? The Head and the Heart, a folk band from the beautiful city of Seattle. Whom, if you have not heard of, I advise you go and pick yourself up a copy of their album immediately. The band may be the next contender for tour season- DMB watch out. But, in all seriousness, good music seems far and few these days, so when I find it, I grasp it tight.

The “problem” with these amazing bands that help keep my heart and soul on the road is that they suck you right in. The music the band provides brings you to such a place of joy and happiness that other aspects in the ‘real world’ cannot do. Once you feel that moment, it sticks with you and it’s hard to escape from. It’s a drug. A vice. An addiction. So, alas I find myself giving into my chosen drug and losing all sense of anything- except for the sweet, sweet mix of reality and fantasy.

As always, I am reminded of a few words that ring truer and truer with each trip. Life is better on the road- experienced to the soundtrack of music that sends you to the infinite abyss of happiness. Life is short and adventures await.

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