So Long Sweet Summer.

What a week it’s already been. First, let me just say the clique “how amazing is fall?!” Is there anything more beautifully ironic than the last summer kiss of the bright and bold colors of the dying autumn leaves? I feel like I ask that question a lot; is there anything better? I hope that just means each day there is something amazing that how could anything be better than that moment. Anyway, back to fall. It’s officially here and it’s officially October. I have officially been in the Pacific Northwest for 2 solid months now and let me just say; so far it’s been incredible. Has it been everything I dreamed of? Certainly not, but mostly in life things aren’t dreams they are instead reality so I don’t mind. Like everything in life, the PNW and myself have had our ups and downs but I can fondly say we have had more ups than downs and I think we have a real future together.. (for now)

There is a ton on my mind but never enough on a topic to create individual posts. Instead, I created a short list of my favorite real life situations that have been thrown my way in the past two months

  1. TOUGH MUDDERS;  I ran not ONE but TWO Tough Mudder’s. Whaaaa… I for one am NOT a runner. I may do some sprinting for the best Black Friday Deal but anything more than a mile is some form of medieval torture device to me. I hate it. Yet, somehow I found myself engaging in my second Tough Mudder last weekend, just outside of Seattle. This is not a race for the meek and I don’t say this to even make myself sound cool. It actually sucks. Over 10 miles of running and obstacles that literally put your body through an earth form of hell. Whoever said, “Hey! Let’s have people give themselves electric shock then throw themselves off a 10 foot building after they just slopped around in wet mud then climbed a rope. Oh, and also make this happen over a ten mile course, that will be so fun!” you suck. Yet, I find myself doing it again. Ey yi yi. Well, regardless of why I did it (reasons I don’t even know) it ultimately feels like quite the accomplishment afterward which I suppose is half the fun.
  2. The Barre. No, no, no, not the bar, the BARRE. As in ballet barre! Barre is a full body and mind work out that works your muscles in a way that nothing else I have tried has managed to do. It. ISs Amazing. Remember when I was obsessed with Zumba for a hot minute? Well, this is even better! It combines dance, yoga and pilates into one full body workout. And trust me, they aren’t lying when they say you’ll see your improvements in just ten classes. I’m addicted. If you are looking for a new work out routine, I highly recommend checking out the barre classes located nearest to you. Not only has my body felt and looked better but my mind feels better.
  3. DAVE MATTHEWS BANDphoto 3. My favorite band in the world. How lucky was I to get to spend an amazing Gorge weekend with my favorite band at my new home venue. Can we say that again, The Gorge is my new home venue! This is amazing. Just reassures myself that I live in arguably the most scenic regions in America. On top of not only providing me with a weekend of amazing set lists and music this Gorge weekend threw in the benefit of one of my best friends visiting from home, Brianna. Of course, I had my DMB friends from all over the country along as well but something special about having an old friend from home come and see you in your new life really adds a new dimension to your life that is quite wonderful if you ask me. I loved being able to show Bri not only Seattle but also the state of Washington. I’ve been working on my sales pitch to get her to move out here but so far no bites…yet. 😉
  4. Smiles. I swear it’s true; sometimes to leave an impression all you have to do is let out a little smile. I’ve done it many times over myself. I’m constantly working on that sweet, innocent smile that helps out in a daily routine. If a sweet smile can get me out of a parking ticket or two I’m all about showing off those pearly whites. AND, I’ve been cursed on the opposite end. At try outs we decided to take a girl rather than cut her because of her sweet smile and positive attitude. I PROMISE IT WILL TAKE YOU A LONG WAY. Be happy around people and upbeat. Have a good story to tell but be a good listener as well. Kindness matter people. No one wants to be around the ole grouch.
  5. VISITORS ON VISITORS. DCIM100GOPROI’ve loved having visitors on visitors on visitors! It doesn’t seem like I have had an off weekend or an off day really since I’ve moved. I’ve been constantly keeping busy with visitors and I LOVE it. I’ve managed to hit all three ‘coasts’ since the move. East Coast, Mid-West (coast) and the West Coast. Please keep coming. I want to show you my new world. As I said, nothing makes me happier than combining old lives with new lives and old friends with new friends.
  6. COFFEE CENTRAL. They say when you live in Seattle you automatically become a coffee addict. Well, I’m still not so sure about coffee but my obsession for Chai Tea has definitely reached a new level. I think I actually may be addicted. I’ve decided to make it a personal mission to seek out the best chai in all of Seattle. My bank account isn’t too fond of this new hobby but for a dance teacher constantly on the go my brain and my body both thank me. Incase you were wondering the best is found at Zoka. Something about that sweet mixture has me charmed and I find myself heading there a few times a week to drink it’s deliciousness and also to sit back and write in the friendly, home-style ambience.
  7. WERKIN’ GIRL. ballardDTAfter taking nearly a month off for the move I must say it has been quite refreshing to get back into the studio and start teaching and choreographing again. I’ve juggling around three studios and a High School Dance Team and so far absolutely love it. I’m not one to sit still so I love having so much on my plate that it’s keeping me busy. Don’t worry, Dad, I promise I’m not over doing it, I just like finding things to fill my schedule. I’m more inspired than ever out in Seattle and I cannot wait to see my work on some amazing dancers. I’ve definitely struggled with “letting go” of SMDA and my SMDA dancers, but I am so excited to see these dancers work. They have some truly incredible talent out here; each day is a new adventure of beautiful artistry. I leave work inspired and excited to be creating.
  8. ADVENTURE’S ALL AROUND. DCIM100GOPROSee ya later bored days of hanging inside on a cold winter day. My absolute FAVORITE part of the past two months and probably my new city is the fact that there are simply adventures all around! Whether it’s exploring the cute dive Italian restaurant in Fremont, the new bar in Ballard or seeing a game beneath the Space Needle; there are things happening all over that I wish to feast my eyes upon. AND that’s not even the best part! No, the best part of all is that real, nature-exploring, cell phone-less exploring that happens outside of the city! My favorite spot so far is in North Bend and consists of a jaw dropping 3-mile hike to the peaks of the foothills, overlooking a turquoise body of man-made water. After the hike, it’s been tradition not to leave without a few cliff jumps. The amount of hikes, waterfalls and scenic outlooks close to the city is so abundant it’s truly incredible. I have an on-going list of places I am dying to get out and see. Is it Friday yet?!
  9. OREGON IS A HIDDEN GEM. I’m a little unsure why the Northwest States get little to no love from the rest of the county. Have you driven through Oregon?! Holy hidden gem. It is one stunning place! Now I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I like it more than Washington but it definitely has it’s perks and peaks (pun) that you need to explore. The scenic drive was one that I’ve made a few times and each time, it doesn’t disappoint. The sunsets on the West Coast just feel better. Fresh air and mountain breeze hum a sweet melody as the sunsets behind the mountain ranges and the sky is covered with a blanket of black; stars twinkling their dances throughout the sky. Another side note; if we are going to discuss hidden gems I also feel it is quite necessary to mention Northern Idaho. Um, hi. Why has no one ever told me these beautiful places exist? When can I get back to Coeur d’Alene and Bend? Daydreaming of a new adventure already..
  10. The Rain. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset If you didn’t know, Seattle is quite famous for it’s rainy and grey days. However, I don’t find this to be nearly as true as people lead to believe. Since I’ve been here I have definitely had more sunny days than rain days. Of course they haven’t entered rainy season yet so perhaps I’ll grow tired of the rain eventually. However, it’s generally been a light sprinkle, nothing to write home about being miserable with. Second, who cares? I for one am quite fond of rain. It leaves me with an inspirational feeling and an attitude that I can do anything. Haven’t you heard the saying, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain” That quote holds a special part in my heart because it’s something my Angel used to remind me quite frequently. Dance in that rain no matter and you’ll get through.
  11. The Best Is Yet to Come, Or So I’m Told. Sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down but I strongly resent the idea that ‘the best is yet to come’. Nope. It’s not. The best is now, right here, in this exact moment. If you’re having an off day, only you have the power to change it. Time won’t change a thing if you don’t change a thing. Occasionally I’ll forget this and start to get upset if each day isn’t perfect. Reality though, smacks me in the face and I remember that not every day can be story book perfect for we need to learn and grow somehow. So, enjoy those perfectly unperfect days because someday you’ll look back and miss those unperfect days.

Happy Days! Xo


2 thoughts on “So Long Sweet Summer.

  1. I love reading your writing. It is beautiful and I love what you are writing about. I am so proud of you and your adventures. I wish we could do these adventures together but I know we will have our own soon!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

  2. I’ve been to Seattle once. Great city. Didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there. And I love DMB. I’m jealous as I’d love to see them at The Gorge. I’m assuming you’re going to see them this year? Great writing.

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