Be Here Now: 2016

It’s time, it’s here, and it’s now. This is the time to do all those things you’ve promised yourself you would do “someday”. That someday is finally here, go and live! Make those plans you’ve been meaning to make, book that flight, take that trip, try that new food, tell that someone how you feel. I’ve decided that 2016 is going to be the year I really make an attempt to those bucket list items I’ve dreamt of for forever.

First up: Audition for Cirque Du Solei. For almost as long as I could remember my parents have been going to Vegas and talking about their favorite Crique shows. I grew up knowing the company, hearing the soundtracks my parents would bring home and dreaming about the day I would get my time on one of their stages. The famous shows filled with aerialists, acrobats, dancers and general sweet bliss for the senses completely stole my heart from the moment I saw my first show, “Amaluna” My love for the company only deepened the first time I saw the magical, Beatles LOVE. How incredible to have some of your favorite music made into a show that awakened your soul with energy, life, color and music. It was art in the purest form and I needed to say that I tried.

When I found out there were open auditions in Las Vegas, I knew that there was no doubt that I needed to be there. The timing wasn’t perfect, being that Dave and I had just spent two weeks in New York and Minnesota for Christmas but again, something inside me was screaming, reminding me that I’ve always wanted to do this. So, we made the four-hour drive to Las Vegas so I could finally take my chance and cross something off my bucket list.

The Saturday morning audition brought nearly 300 people the Nevada Ballet. I had no idea what to expect from the company’s audition but I surely did not expect that many people. Judging by the reaction from the Dance Director I’m not sure she was prepared to have as many people there either- but nonetheless the show was to go on. The grueling process made for a long day- warm ups, choreography taught, choreography executed, cuts and emotions going wild. There were dancers from every background, every range of talent and from all over the North America. They made cuts fast and hard and sent away twice as many as they kept- but it seemed like most left with their heads tall, shoulders back and a small skip in their step.

Leaving the Nevada Ballet- I felt accomplished. I felt like I had put myself out there for something I’ve dreamt about since a child. I loved that I could never look back and say, “what if I would have tried.” I’ve never wanted to live a life of regrets and never wanted to look back on any part of my life with “what if’s” in my heart.

The good days are now- let’s not waste them with half hearted promises to ourselves of what we really want to accomplish. It’s time to begin to peel back those layers, bare your souls and embrace the unknown. Make 2016 the year you truly live each moment exactly how you want.


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