We All Scream For Riesling

Large knit sweaters, cute boots, scarves, my journal and of course, wine, are just a few of my favorite fall accessories. Nothing screams fall to me more than gathering your love or your best girls and heading to the wineries for an afternoon tasting.

One of my favorite things about Santa Barbara is living so close to the Santa Ynez Valley- home to some delicious wines. On any causal weekend afternoon you can find us over the mountain indulging in the sweet goodness of Santa Barbara wines. I love spending the afternoon sprawled out on a blanket, peering at the mountains that surround us, and laughing with friends about life.

Despite not having the fall foliage the Midwest and the South boast, California has a beautiful fall. The weather remains in the low seventies with a typical blue sky reminding you that there are few bad days here. The beaches are generally clear by now, aside from the locals who are bundled up and enjoying their own ocean backyard. And the sunsets, the sunsets are breathtaking. The cool, crisp, fall air seems to entice the sky and send a rainbow of colors swirling through the sky.

Fall is my favorite season. It’s the time to re-set. Just as nature is re-setting around us, it’s the best time for me to refocus my goals and re-set my mind. I recently snuck away from the dance studio for an hour one Wednesday, wandered a few blocks and ran into the ocean. With the constant chaos of the world and with the insane current events, it’s nice to be still and reflect if only for one free moment.

Sadly, just as fast as it comes, fall usually leaves us much to soon. It’s a short season – just giving us a little taste of its wondrous beauty before becoming overshadowed by winter. Still, they say good things come in small packages and fall again, proves to be just that; a wonderful thing in a small package.


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