life is good today.

My toes sink between the sand as the hot Southern California sun breaths down my sweater. I closed my eyes and let the sun fill up my soul. Behind me, palm trees reach the sky and they dance back and forth against the ocean breeze. We were spending Thanksgiving weekend in one of my favorite tiny beach town, Laguna Beach.

This special little city is literally a dream. The boardwalk is dotted with dogs and their humans out for a pre-Holiday meal stroll. There are even a few tourists lounging on the beach, undoubtedly taking in the weather that is warmer than their hometown but freezing for us here. The cove’s that are bursting at the seams with people during the summer months are nearly empty now that it’s winter. The water is a clear and turquoise and ever and the waves crash the rocks that line the sand. This place is a tiny piece of heaven.

I can’t help but feel especially thankful this year. My family is all healthy and kickin’ and even welcomed our newest little lady into the world about a month ago. I have a support system that’s never more than a phone call away. I have a job that makes work fun. And most importantly, we live, love and laugh a lot- what more could we ask for? 2016 has been one crazy, strange, amazing, and unbelievable year. I’m so thankful for another year spent on this beautiful earth and can only hope there are many more headed my way.


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