The Christmas Village

Over the mountains and through the woods, to Denmark we go? That’s the saying right? If it’s not, it should be. Over the Santa Ynez Mountains and 40 miles from Santa Barbara lies the humble and bustling quaint town of Solvang.

As soon as you enter the city you are transformed to another place and another time. The streets are lined with two story buildings that are coated in bright reds, whites and greens. Each building is lined with a thick trim and windowpanes. Charming yellow lanterns dot the streets where the Danish flag hangs above. Best of all, Christmas trees, ornaments and lights hang from every direction giving off the Christmas charm.

Dave and I spent a cloudy Sunday afternoon wandering the streets of Solvang and gawking at its wondrous charm. We couldn’t help but get swept away by the quaint, homey feel. The cool autumn air swept through our bones as we walked by the mom and pop shops, stopping to window shop and browse. Each store provided a unique gift, decoration, taste or sound that welcomed you in with open arms. There were stores loaded with tiny knick-knacks, shops oozing with chocolaty goodness and stores that begged to be explored to the sound of Jingle Bells being played.

As the sun began to set and the Christmas lights lit up the streets, the fall air turned frosty. We began to make our way back to the car to start our trek home for the night. We promised the energetic village we would be back again soon. We bid farewell to our Christmas Town and headed back through the mountains and towards the sea.


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