Falling In Love..

I have fallen in love. I have fallen in love with the streets of a city, the buildings that create stories, the people who pass by, the ocean as it kisses the sand hello, and the moon as it pulls her away. I have fallen in love many times, and because of this- I have carelessly left my heart all over the place.

Each new place we visit, each new city we see, each new sight we set our eyes upon – I fall in love. I love the way a place feels for the first time and how it still feels unfamiliar yet familiar each and every time you go back. I love the way there is so much to see and to do, we could (and will) spend our entire lives exploring yet never be able to possibly see all that there is. I love the challenge that goes along with that, begging me to seize our time and see it all.

I love that we are given this life and given this earth and it’s ours to explore. It belongs to us as much as we belong to her. I love the way the sun rises in the morning, greeting us with the promise of a new day filled with endless possibilities. I love how each day is a new chapter and we alone hold the pens, crafting each page of how our life will read.

They say that when you travel, you’ll never be whole again because you leave your heart in so many places. Those words speak to my heart, because I feel it so strongly. I love the feeling of knowing that my heart is everywhere and knowing that I’ve been able to carelessly leave it floating around in cities, in streets, in open fields, in stunning architecture, and in places that were once only a dream. This life is a beautiful, crazy, wonderful thing – and I love every minute.

“They say that it’s gone before you know it. Soak it all in, it’s a game you can’t win; enjoy the ride.”


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