Inspiration Point

The rain had been pouring down in Santa Barbara for almost two weeks straight. Though we shouldn’t complain, it’s easy to feel sick of the rainy, cloudy days and be ready for a little sunshine again.

Last weekend our wishes were granted. The sun decided to pay us a visit again and the temperatures joined in on the joyous occasion by rising to a whopping 78 degrees. Even though I had been sick all week, I was desperate to get outside and enjoy the sun. Dave and I decided to do a short hike in Santa Barbara so we could get some fresh air and do one of our favorite activities (that was long over due).

It seems that everyone in town had the same idea as us – the parking for our hike was so crowded, we had to do a mini hike just to get to the start of our hike! Nonetheless, I was determined to enjoy the beautiful day we were finally given so we pressed on.

The trailhead was actually a trailhead for numerous hikes, so after a few minutes of hiking we found ourselves pretty much alone on the trail. The rain had done Santa Barbara well – the city that was once brown and dust driven was starting to show her beautiful lush greenery in every direction. As we climbed, we could see more evidence of the good the rain was doing. The once bare stream was now flowing and making it’s way to a tiny waterfall that gave off the most peaceful noises.

The hot winter sun beat down our back and I could feel the sickness sweating out of me. I easily get lost in my mind every time we venture out to nature. I get lost thinking about traveling, memories, politics and every thing in between. Thankfully Dave is a good listener, and let’s me spew out every thought that’s rambling around in my head. I must have talked our way to the top because before I realized it, we were at the top; over looking the city we call home, the ocean and more than we could see even.

There were few others at the top so we took our time, resting on Dave’s favorite rock, taking in the view and celebrating the small victory of making our way to the top. It’s amazing how the world can make you feel so small. The building, the 101 and the cars driving buy looked so small, it was strange to think how large these things actually were. I wrapped my arms around the sweaty guy who climbed beside me to the top and we took a minute to watch the sun slowly start to hide behind the open waters. Another gorgeous weekend we were blessed to spend in a stunning city we’re lucky enough to call home.


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