The Challenge

I can hardly believe it’s already 2014- and almost a month in. I feel the time flying around me. My greatest fear is waking up one day, old and realizing I didn’t do enough in life. I refuse to let that happen. I refuse to believe that I can’t do anything and everything in this life. I have decided that my 2014 new years resolution was simple- more adventure, less stress, love more and be an all around better person. Seems simple enough but for an anxious soul like myself, it can prove to be quite the challenge.

The first part of my 2014 goal is to adventure more. Well, considering I am a twenty-something still attempting to figure out this thing we called “financial stability” I am going to be taking a closer look at the beauty in my backyard. Adventure can be found all around us, if we open our eyes and see the beauty and fun. I have the goal of 30 adventures of the year. Big or small- adventure is adventure.

With each adventure I’ll attempt to document and reflect. Come along, stay awhile and find your own adventures this year! 🙂

“If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it. Right there, right here.”

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