Pesky Feelings.

When you haven’t fallen in quite some time it’s scary when you wake up and realize
that maybe, just maybe, you could be falling again.

I’m not sure I am prepared for this. I don’t want to feel these feelings again. I’m fine being alone, really.
No one to let you down. No one to worry about. No one to think about.
You can depend on yourself and that’s that.  That’s perfect for little ‘ole like me.

One night it all changed. I was caught off guard. Not expecting it- not from you.
And suddenly those butterflies are trying to come out.
Your face is slowly overtaking my dreams. That stupid tattoo, your unshaven face.
Get out of here.
You aren’t welcome in my mind and certainly not in my heart.

I don’t have time to be bothered with feelings right now. I am trying to discover myself and make myself into a better person.
You will just get in the way.
Besides, an interest with you would cause nothing but heartbreak, I’m sure of it.

But, you are so desirable and sweet when you talk.
One word, one look and you’ve cast that spell.
I’m smitten.
Fight as I may, I can’t deny it.

The battle lines are drawn.
“I want no part of this,” the head screams.
But, the heart speaks a different story.

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