We’re All Mad Here

dmbgorgeSummertime is almost here! It’s time to say buh-bye to those winter blues, bust out the ‘ole sunnies and slap on that sunscreen. The days are longer, the weather is nicer and people are just plain ole more fun to be around.

Oh, and for us that may be slightly insane, summertime means one thing and one thing only; TOUR SEASON. More specifically, DMB tour time. Yes, yes!! I am actually jumping for joy right now. The time has FINALLY arrived.  It’s time to watch those bank accounts drain, get familiar with your local airport and call up all those tour time besties because we’re back in business people! davefonz

As previously mentioned, here, DMB tour season is way more than the concerts themselves. It’s kind of like Christmas for regular folk, only better! You have your family, some that you love and some that you couldn’t possibly want to avoid anymore, but alas you are a family; a group of people who are connected with a bond.

DMB Summer tour means it’s time to meet your long last friends and family at the venue. Tailgating, as DMB is blasted from the lots with a continuous flow of beers and drinks for everyone. It’s the laughter, music and bonds that come out as the summer sun rises high above the lot. Or, it’s line waiting with your friends for your chance to get rail and see your favorite musicians up close and personal. It’s the way the people you hardly know, talk and meet and suddenly it’s like you’ve known them forever. The bond is just that strong.

Summer tour means it’s time for the ladies and men to both swoon over the way Dave dances with not a care in the world. Goofy and silly; prancing those old boots around in a joy that makes the entire crowd go crazy.

It’s the way Fonz shakes and grooves aalpinerails he slaps his bass; eyeing up and interacting with the fans in a way that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. His deep sounds steadily keeping up with the insane drumming that is Carter Beauford. Carter in return flashing that contagious smile that lights up the night sky more than any light show could. It’s the way Tim jams his electric guitar so loud you would think he was standing next to you. Boyd on stage right, making the fiddle in the rock just seem so right. Playing so hard there is a constant breaking of strings but with each string broken the crowd gets louder. It’s the way Jeff can jam two saxophones at once and send the crowd into a jazzed musical haze. And the way Rashawn rocks the trumpet with such grace and beauty you can’t help but be blown away that all these seemingly different sounds can come together to create something so beautiful you’d swear it was magic. It’s the way you hear your favorite song (Two Step) and you dance so hard your shoe breaks off.

But, it’s more than the music. It’s the consuming way the way the lights flash so bright they fill up the dark summer nights with each beat of Carter’s drum. The magical love stories and wondrous films that set the scene for each song. The feeling Dave’s words give you that make you believe each and every song was written just for you. The smile that is glued to your face, permanent for 2 hours of joyful, musical bliss.

It’s the way the entire atmosphere sets you into a blurred fantasy you aren’t sure can even be real life. It’s ending the night with great hugs from friends, a set list from the crew and enough memories to hold you over until your next show. Summer tour is a feeling and an experience that is seemingly unexplainable and something that must be felt and experienced for yourself. It’s a drug and an addiction that holds your attention and keeps you needing more and more. Year after year you crave the dates, the sounds and the band. It’s ecstasy.

And until you try this drug for yourself, you’ll just think we are all mad here.



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