San Francisco Part 2.

After we left our shows in Berkeley, we naturally had to go get some In ‘n’ Out Burger before parking the Tahoe for a nights rest. With the mix of the stubbornness that is our friendship, the over tiredness from the weekend and the aching bodies from dancing we were quickly frustrated with the lack of planning and mapping. Although it could have been easily avoided we were tired and pulled over on the side of the road for rest.

I woke the next morning to the Tahoe shaking as cars sped by on the highway. Sleepily peering over the side of the window, I chucked to myself at the thought of how humorous it must look to have three bodies snuggled in blankets in the back of the Tahoe, randomly parked on the side of a road. The other two woke up and we decided to go into the park and freshen up before going to see the bridge. I had never been to San Francisco before and was excited to see the world-renowned Golden Gate Bridge. I had seen photos of it and of course, if you are playing tourist it’s just something you have to go and see. This particular morning, there was a complete overcast, creating a swirl of grey amongst the powerful water.

IMG_8891On our way to the bridge we made a stop at an over-look to take in a new view of Alcatraz. While there the wind started to pick up a bit and shivers were sent down my spine. I often find it interesting how drastic one state’s weather can be. The West Coast seems to have a big variance of temperatures, climates and weather in a single day. When we went back to the car to head over to the bridge, we found that she wouldn’t start. Her engine would rev but she wouldn’t turn on. Usually when this would happen we would just need to plug in the jumper cables and she would go.. trick her essentially. However, this particular time, that wasn’t the case. After a failed attempt with a Prius, we were frustrated that we would be stuck here for awhile. Just as we were getting ready to call someone, she started for us. We noted the stall and I silently prayed the Tahoe would get us back to Seattle..

Making our way to the pier to see the Bridge, the waters were thrashing against the pier. The clouds were swirling and the wind was gusting. It felt like a dark autumn day, however, I like the contrast the colors played on each other. When we were on the pier, there was perhaps the happiest pup in all the lands. This black lab was prancing around, so happy to be in and out of the water, tail wagging uncontrollably. My favorite part of him was that you could actually see the smile on his little doggie face. I couldn’t help but smile with him as he roamed around the pier, truly loving his life in that moment.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

“Would you like to dance around the world with me?” That lyric has always hit me in my soul. How amazing does it sound? Dancing in the studio, dancing in the streets, dancing by yourself or dancing with a friend. Or, in this case, dancing with state border signs and tourist attractions. I think I would be happy forever with three things; dance, travel and love. It’s no surprise that dancing is one of my true loves- hand in hand with travel. So, that lyric, it feels was written specifically to please my soul.

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