Seattle Showers, April Flowers.

For just an hour drive from Seattle and five dollars you can spend a beautiful day in Holland! Just kidding- but you can get the next closest thing The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Cruising the I-5, about 60 miles north of Seattle, are the stunning fields of tulips, daffodils and colorful goodness. Whoever said that April showers bring May flowers has clearly never been to the PNW. Here, April is the end of the tulip season, so make sure you go at the beginning of April for the most color. 04 - IMG_9718

Driving back from Vancouver a few weeks ago, Dave and I made a stop at a rest stop. My Minnesota License Plates always seem to be interesting to sweet little Grandpa’s who always want to strike up conversation. This particular man, had his dog and was on his way back from Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. He handed me a map print out and suggested that I go while the colors are still bright. Due to previous travel plans and work I was unable to go the weekends he suggested but finally made my way there this past weekend.

Skagit Valley is only about an hour north of Seattle, but of course, it wouldn’t be Seattle with some awful traffic. This particular day, I happened to drive by the infamous millions of bee spilt everywhere accident. That was quite the scene and caused quite the jam on al already congested Interstate. Smooth sailing after the bees, the drive is easy and quick.

Once you arrive in Skagit Valley, there are different fields you can go to and see different flowers. Downtown Mount Vernon also has an entire portion of the city blocked off for arts, crafts, activities and more. It really is a festival for the family.

After a friendly tip from an old farmer, I decided to head to Tulip Town for my visit. I was told this was the part that had the most color and flowers left. Walking past the food, face painting and flowers for sale I headed to the back gardens where my eyes feasted upon rows and rows of bright, colorful tulips. I had never seen so many flowers in one central spot in my whole life. It was definitely a sight for the soul.

05 - IMG_9722Organized by color, I was surprised that this was considered the “end of the season.” From my novice mind, the flowers still looked awesome and there were still hundreds of them! Aside from the flowers, one of my favorite parts was the sight of a little girl, maybe four, who fell in a mud muddle then proceeded to create the most hilarious breakdown I have seen. It wasn’t your typical crying and screaming but more of a “Mom!! Help me! Mom! I need a paper towel.” So wise, so young.

As you walk around the flowers, it is recommended that you do not go in the flower beds. However, parents were shoving their kids amongst the flowers for the perfect spring photo opt. For a slightly above ground view, guests can take a tractor ride around the Tulip Farm, narrative by a sweet old man. Fun for the whole family and really, any age. Tulip Town was affordable and definitely did not disappoint. A must see for anyone visiting the PNW in April!

01 - IMG_9703 02 - IMG_9706 03 - IMG_9714 07 - IMG_9725 08 - IMG_9750 09 - IMG_9729 16 - IMG_5977 14 - IMG_9744 13 - IMG_5982

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