Beautiful Balboa

Cliché as it may seem, one of the staple ‘must-see’s’ of San Diego is Balboa Park. The stunning 1,200-acre park with its Spanish influenced architecture is a treat to walk around and see for any tourist or local. Bri and I headed there Tuesday morning so she could see what exactly made this place so beautiful.

Museums, theaters, gardens, ponds and of course those infamous arches paved the way for our sunny morning. The Cherry Blossoms were beginning to bloom and the golden green plants that surrounded the Botanical Building served as the perfect backdrop to her last day visiting me. Although it felt too cold to lounge at the beach, I knew there was more to show in San Diego than just it’s famous beaches.

Balboa Park holds a special place in my heart. Aside from serving as the opening scene from my favorite movie “Almost Famous” it was also the place where David had surprised me with a romantic picnic my first time visiting him. This gorgeous space in San Diego is definitely a must see while touring San Diego.


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