Selfie Seals

The last stop on Bri’s San Diego tour was the La Jolla coves. I love La Jolla because of all the adorable mom and pop shops that line the oceanfront, the way the water seems just a little bit bluer on this side of town and of course, the seals that dot the beaches.

Our sunny day was starting to turn grey on us but we were determined to use every last minute of the day up- exploring one way or another. Parking by the coves can sometimes prove to be difficult, but today we found front row parking, much to our luck.

The wind picked up as we glided down the stairs and onto the beach. The seals are usually sun bathing on a section of the beach that is blocked off from the public so the gorgeous creatures can tan in peace. On this particular day however, some of the seals had decided to come onto the beach where the public is allowed and were happily mingling with the humans. What a sight to see!

We happily made our way around the beach, careful as to not get too close to the creatures. As beautiful as they are and as open as they are to being near the humans, they will still hiss if you get too close to them or their babies. Instead, we opted to engaged in the phase of selfie sticking with the seals- so we could get some photos without disrupting them too terribly much.

La Jolla Cove March 1La Jolla Cove 3-1-16La Jolla Cove Seals TanningLa Jolla Cove Seals 3-1-16La Jolla Baby Seals 3-1-16La Jolla Cove Seal SelfiesLa Jolla Seals 1 3-1-16La Jolla Seals Sun BathingLa Jolla Cove 2 3-1-16La Jolla Coves 3-1-16La Jolla Cove Bri and Britt

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