Do You Believe in Magic?

Back in January, Dave and I spent a weekend at the Magical Disneyland… and I did not post anything of the adventure. However, I have a few photos and thoughts that I just need to share : )

I truly believe everyone should have a person in his or her world that just makes the journey around the sun- FUN. This person is someone who helps to make each day a true gift and inspires you to reach your goals. You don’t always have to do something crazy, but each moment is photo worthy just because they are there. I am #blessed enough to have a few of these souls in my life but my main squeeze is David. Life with him is just so much fun.

Our trip was focused around the Run Disney – Starwars Half Marathon Weekend. David, being the crazy athletic, semi crazy(?) man that he is decided he wanted to do the Warrior Challenge, meaning he would run the 10K on Saturday then the half-marathon Sunday. Yikes. He was running to raise money for St. Jude’s, how sweet. 🙂 Star Wars Rebel Challenge Finisher

Up at 3:45 each morning, I sleepily joined by crazy boyfriend to the starting line and cheered my heart out as he ran his heart out. Sunday morning, the day of the half-marathon, the energy of the crowd was heating up the cool January early morning. I made friends with a sweet little old lady and together we screamed for the runners as they sailed past us. I was anxiously checking my phone every other minute, not wanting to miss David as he ran by me to the finish line. Disney provided this service that allowed fans to track their runner and their progress every few miles.

When I finally got the alert that my runner would be crossing my finish line, my heart started to race. I was so happy, so excited and so proud. I don’t believe I could ever physically be able to do something like this- so it’s so inspiring to witness someone else do it. When Dave made his way into my vision, I was fighting back tears and a big smile. He looked great- for someone who just ran 19.3 miles between the two days. He was red in the face and dripping in sweat but he had the sweetest smile across his face. It was a humbling sight, a very proud sight. I ran to him as fast as I could and wrapped my arms this sweaty guy, he deserved a big hug, lots of water and maybe a banana for his sore muscles.


After the race was the moment I had patiently been waiting for- DISNEYLAND. I don’t care how old you get; there is something truly magical about the happiest place on earth. From the moment I step inside those gates, I’m taken back to a time where “real world” problems don’t really exist. Instead troubles are replaces with imagination, children, magic and of course, smiles all over.

The lines were ridiculous and we were both exhausted (him obviously more than me) but we managed to walk the park, dance at the parade and say hello to a few of our favorite characters. The absolute best part of the whole Disney trip was the brand new fireworks show Sunday evening. The crowds of people everywhere stopped and everyone gathered to watch the stunning colors light up the sky above Sleeping Beauty’s castle. This was our second adventure of 2016 and it was already shaping up to be a pretty fabulous year. How romantic to close the weekend off with Tinkerbell soaring above the clouds as the sparkles and music fill the hearts with joy, reminding us all that it’s okay to still be a kid sometimes.

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