The Lone Star State

Whoever said that your mid-twenties were the years of marriages, definitely wasn’t lying. Dave and I have spent out summer yielding from our usual concert touring to instead, travel around the country to embrace love!

First up on our tour de love was a wedding in the hot and steamy San Antonio, Texas. I think people have this preconceived notion that Texas, in its large entirety, is a dry desert sporting cactus and cowboys. True, for parts of the state but San Antonio was a lot different than that picture of Texas that is painted in our heads. Instead, it was lush, green and wet. The sticky air latched on as soon as we landed and hug on for dear life until our last moments there.

We stayed in a small city about twenty miles outside of San Antonio. The adorable country style wedding was hosted in an historic dance hall, complete with wooden floors and string lights that danced around the dark night like fireflies. We dined with a lavish spread of a taco bar and drank wine until we were happily twirling around without any cares.

The cowboy boots stomped away as we danced the night away to just about any country song you could think of and of course, any song that mentioned Texas. Outside, the full Texas moon barely shined through the storm clouds that began to roll in. Loud booms of thunder and lightening strikes that lit up the dark night soon overtook the lively energy from the wedding. The Texans knew a bad storm was brewin’ and heading our way so they set everyone back to their hotels before the worst of it decided to dance through the city.


When visiting San Antonio for the first time, it is most definitely necessary to explore some history by spending part of your day at The Alamo.

Sunday, after a hearty breakfast, we drove to downtown to see The Alamo and the River Walk. As we were walking the windy path alongside the river it, the sweat was almost falling off of us. Not only was it warm- it was humid. With each tree we passed under I tried to sulk in the little shade we had before we were back in the heat. However, even with the shade the heat found a way to sneak in and over take our bodies. It felt like I couldn’t drink water fast enough before it came back pouring out of me.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, people were flocked to the streets and the river area. Restaurants were flooding over with guests’ cheers-ing, laughing and having a good time. The riverboats had camera flashes going off every few seconds with tourists enjoying the views. And, the streets were crowded with strollers, handholding and children skipping around their parents.

Suddenly, as we were walking, it felt as if The Alamo appeared out of the mix of downtown. There was no fence, no huge signs, nothing until you stumble across a line of people in front of a rather small building known as The Alamo. I was very surprised about the size and that it was in the midst of downtown.

The heat continued to pour through the clouds as we took our time looking around the historic site. We toured the building, read the scripts and spoke with the actors dressed up as old soldiers. It was interesting, had it not been for the battle at the Alamo, states such as my home in California wouldn’t have been created. What a crazy thought.

Of course, as it seems when visiting most new cities- there is never enough time spent exploring. Just as soon as we arrived in the Texas heat we were on the first flight out in the morning, heading back to our laid back California lifestyle. I’m already waiting for my next excuse to head back to Texas to see what else that massive piece of America holds for me.


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