I am so in love.

I never knew what it was like to completely fall I love with a location until I visited Seattle. Of course, I have been in lust with exotic locations such as New Zealand but, the feeling I get in Seattle is like non other.

There is something about that magical city that draws me in and keeps me. My soul feels connected. As soon as my feet land on the western pavement, my heart skips a beat; beating faster and slower at the same time yet, remarkably giving me a sense of calmness throughout my usually anxious self.  It’s a feeling I try to put in words but nothing the human brain can comprehend can compare. It’s odd to me that I feel so much for a particular place- these are usually the words used by people to describe the love for another but for me it’s different. I am in love with a location that makes me feel alive.

I’m not sure if it’s the way the sun peeks through the greyed clouds, casting a beautiful spotlight on Mt. Rainier and the surrounding Cascades. Or, maybe it’s the smell of the abundance of coffee shops brewing their own teas and coffees. Perhaps, it’s the hustle of pedestrians and bikers; darting in and out of traffic as they flood the shores of the Sound and the shops of Pike. Could it be the mystical colors of The Great Wheel reflecting ever so peacefully in the stunning blue waters? Maybe it’s the quirky setting of the different parts of the city. The artsy, fun-loving atmosphere of Ballard, the young and upcoming location of Queen Anne or the touristy locations we all know and love of Downtown. There is just something about the city that wins my love again and again, each time I visit.

I love the way adventure is never far. You drive an hour in any direction and you are faced with such natural beauty and wonder. The area is truly a heart-warming experience for the wanderlust soul.

Simply put; Seattle, I am in love with you. Stay beautiful. 

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