San Diego Adventures: La Jolla Cove

Before we bid our farewells to the city that captured our hearts and solidified our love we want to do anything and everything we can. With only a few weeks left as residents of San Diego, there is still so much for me to see. I feel as if I have only just arrived and suddenly I’m gone again. It’s both easy to say goodbye and continue moving forward in life but at the same time, it’s a terrifying new adventure.

To be blunt- San Diego is paradise. We are unbelievably spoiled in our weather, the scenery, the ocean and the people. If the bare feet and tank tops in the middle of February don’t win your heart over, perhaps the turquoise Pacific Ocean crashing into the sands and piers will make you feel okay. “No Bad Days” is the motto of the city and I can certainly feel it. It’s hard to be crabby when you have the sun beating down on your shoulders while the waves whisper secrets in your ears.

Of course, we have our fair share of “wintery” days, especially with El Nino poking his head in this year. We had had a week of cool, rainy weather when suddenly it was Saturday and the sun was out. Never wanting to miss out on an opportunity to play in the sun, Dave and I packed up our beach cruisers and set out for a day of adventure. Our first stop on weekend mornings is always to get breakfast burritos at our favorite hole in the wall- Taco Surf. The fresh ingredients and hand rolled burritos won our hearts over and we have been unable to go away since. Rated as one of the top breakfast burritos in America by Fox News, this is definitely a must have if you ever are to find yourself on the streets of Pacific Beach.

Rolling down the hills, cruising next to the waterfront before cutting over to a wooden bike path that seemed like a secret from the world, created only for us- we were making our way to the neighborhoods of La Jolla. Another must do when someone comes to San Diego is to see the seals at the La Jolla cove. Despite being in La Jolla every week, I’ve never actually been down to the cove to see the seals. It was on my list of things to do before we leave and this was the perfect Saturday.

Five miles we rode on our bikes, singing along as Zac Brown Band sang the soundtrack to our day, leading down our path. The closer we got to the hills of the La Jolla cove the more packed it became. The touristy destination mixed with the first nice day we had had in a week made for a bustling Saturday at the cove. Families, couples, and friends of all ages and sizes were out watching the seals take in the sun. Peering down on the beach below, I couldn’t believe how many there were. Not just one or two here or there, but at least forty seals sun bathing on the beach, warming up on the rocks and playing in the water. Baby seals and mama seals were both there totally oblivious to the fact that they were the background for so many people’s Saturday afternoon. IMG_9973

The beaches were blocked off so humans wouldn’t disrupt the beautiful creatures as they enjoyed their Saturday lounging. Instead, we were able to walk down onto the jetty to get a closer view and to take in how stunning the reflective waters were. I reconfirmed what I had already discovered long ago- I was absolutely in love with the ocean. How strong yet peaceful she was. How she made you feel humbled down because you were simply reminded that the world is so much more and so much bigger than who you are. I love seeing the waves ripple the glass top in the reflection pools and most of all- smelling the air with the soft scent of salt.

Further up the coast we rode, taking in the sights of jagged coast and the crowds of people. It was easy to get lost in my own mind, imagining a story that will one day be written and drifting off to deep thoughts about the future and what will come next for us. My hope for Santa Barbara is that we fall in love with the area just as we have San Diego. We stopped for a mid-afternoon treat at a hole in the wall café “Brick and Bell.” Slurping down a strawberry banana smoothie the thought of luck once again crossed my mind. Sitting across from Dave, gazing into his eyes I couldn’t help but feel like I was the luckiest human. Being able to live where others vacation and have adventures with my best friend- it’s a dream.

I’ve never wanted to be one who lived an average life. I was also searching for something more, something that made my soul catch fire and made each day truly feel like the gift it was intended to be. California has proven to be just that for me- I look forward to our new life up the coast but for now, I love each day we have left in San Diego. Just another day in our paradise.


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