away we go.

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. All you need is that initial step to take you from where you sit to where you want to be. Sometimes, that first step is the scariest step you can take. You can be a little unsure if this is the right direction- the one which holds your fate. However scary that step may be, the first step is the hardest and most important. It’s the step that lifts you from where you stand and moves you. And moving, well moving is always a good thing.


We met my junior year in college and immediately, I knew. I knew that she was going to be the one to get me through some tough times, the one who would listen to an array of emotions escape me, and ultimately travel to the ends of the country only asking “where to next?”

Together, we’ve seen some pretty remarkable places. We’ve driven the ends of country, covering 18 states and even part of Canada.

We’ve seen the city skylines of St. Louis, Nashville, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, and Las Vegas- just to name a few.

We’ve seen the great wide open of Wyoming. We’ve seen the tallest corn through the windows of Iowa. We’ve shouted from the tops of the mountains in Montana, had our breath escape us in Idaho and woke to the sun rising over the mountains in Oregon.

We’ve seen both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. We’ve seen the Great Lakes and the mighty Mississippi. We’ve crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, driven through the Black Hills, and been around the bend of Mt. Rainier. We’ve gasped at the beautiful, dark history of Alabama and felt the ground shake in San Francisco.

We’ve been lost in Chicago, terrified for our lives. We’ve felt lost and alone in Billings, unsure of what our next steps should be. We’ve questioned our life in Seattle, knowing we were meant for more.  And found the butterflies we didn’t realize were there in Portland.

We’ve partied with friends in the valley of Wisconsin, been covered in sand from the Spring Breaks in Florida, and felt our hearts explode from the music that hit our souls in Phoenix.

We’ve cried tears as we drove away from Minneapolis, Seattle and San Diego- leaving behind the hearts of so many we love. But, we’ve always pressed on with the notion in our heart that what lies ahead will always surpass the memories that fall in the rear view mirror.

Recently we hit a huge milestone- her and I. We’ve been through 100,000 miles together. And while to some that may mean it’s time to start looking for a new reliable vehicle to take on the next 100,000 miles- not me.

My Jetta has seen some of the best years of my life. Through snow, rain, ice, wind, and sun. She’s seen me belting my heart out as if I were auditioning for a Broadway show. She’s seen my crying my eyes out as my heart was broken. She’s seen me say goodnight to the worst days and say good morning to the best days. She’s been there through it all – every day without fail.

I can’t wait to see where the next 100,000 miles takes us. What new cities we will explore, which national parks we can drive through and which monuments we are gaze our eyes upon. To be frank: I can’t wait to go to the ends of the earth with my Jetta.

Thank you for always being reliable and there when I need to just drive and think.

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