Rain Dance.

Pitter pat the rain falls slowly on our window pane. Waking up slowly, I snuggled a little closer to Dave who was still softly asleep next to me. It was Saturday morning- our third weekend in Santa Barbara and once again raining. Wasn’t this supposed to be Central Coast California? This rain was beginning to remind me more of Seattle than SoCal. However, I find it a little comforting. It’s nice to have some rain once in awhile.

Not wanting to sit around all day, we decided a little rain wouldn’t be the end of the world. Besides, it was merely misting by the time that we decided to step out. We are still in a mode of constant discovery with our new city. Every day is a new adventure and a chance to see something new. Today, we decided to head to Hendry’s Beach, 2 miles south of our home.

Rolling through the freshly watered greens that dusted the foothills, we made or way to the beach. I was quite surprised with the amount of activity going on. Although it was technically a rainy day, that didn’t stop the hundred or so people and dogs that were out enjoying the break in the rain clouds.

Pups pranced in and out of the ocean, chasing rocks and sticks and happily returning them to their human. My heart was happily skipping beats each time one ran close enough for me to steal a pet. Oh how I miss the pups I have in Minnesota. I patiently wait the day we are ready to get one of our own. For now, I get my kicks petting the ones I come across on the beach.

Dave and I walked up the beach until we found ourselves away from the happy chants and barks. The clouds had opened up a bit and the sun was starting to peak her rays through. Three weeks in to our new home, I’m still a little unsure how I feel about this city. It’s lovely, but still doesn’t quite feel like home, yet. I decided on this particular day that the city certainly reminds me a lot of New Zealand. I love the way the water hits the land with its gaging cliffs that cut deep into the trees. Even the weather, reminds me of my semester living in that small, gorgeous island. Somewhere that reminds me of what I once loved so dearly, surly can’t be so bad.

Of course, I couldn’t resist the picture perfect moment we had stumbled upon. The sun came out, reflecting a soft hue over the ocean that instantly gave a relaxing state of mind. Dave, the good sport he is, sweetly helped me practice lifts and dance tricks. How sweet is he? 🙂

I love the days that are memorable. And not necessarily because there is some sort of huge event but often just because of the little moments that are spent with someone you love.

Hendry's Dog Beach - AprilProposal Rock Hendry's BeachDance at Proposal RockDance Lifts Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Hendry's BeachBaby Seals at Hendry's Beach

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